Saturday, June 5, 2010

RitaMonti Coffee

"Rita Monti was born in a small town in Italy, where time is at a stand still. Today, she would like to share her best products with you.
Her creations are personally inspired and cared for to bring a touch of Italian taste, and elegance
into your home. She welcomes you to her website, where you will discover exquisite coffee and beautiful hand-painted dinnerware."
This is a description from the website ffor her coffee. Rita Monti sent me a sample of their coffee, which I must say, was a large sample. It contained a can of coffee plus a coffee pod.  I was hesitant to try it, as I recently decided to stop drinking coffee. 
When my mom came to visit, though, I needed coffee to give her, and so the timing was perfect.  I was surprised at the quality of the coffee. It has a rich flavor that doesn't come across too strong, but rather full.  My mom likes her coffee so strong it brings tears to your eyes, and I like my coffee strong, but not so strong it takes like tar.  This coffee has a great balance.  I didn't use the pod, because I don't have that kind of system, but my mom and I enjoyed the coffee.

This product was provided to me free of charge for review. No payment was made for the service, and I was not required to review this product on my blog, but have done so of my own free will.