Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rethink your "Must-Haves"

At, there is the latest quiz. "Rethink your "Must-Haves". It is very eye opening to think about these questions!  What could you not live without?  If you were on a desert island (think Survivor) what one item would you not be able to live without?  What gets you through the day? 
For me most of the answers to these questions could be God, the Word, Jesus and His grace. That is what I cant live without, what I need, and what gets me through the day. I encourage my readers to take the quiz and see what opens up for you?

Great Giveaway!

I have got the greatest giveaway info ever! The Frugal Reality is giving away the giftonizer!  This sounds like a great product, and I really hope I win! I have The Couponizer and I love it! Check out her blog and sign up for this great giveaway! Its a great site for money saving opportunities!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Thought I would let you know about a few giveaways on other blogs! The first one is on The Snyder 5 Reviews blog. It is an Olay giveaway, along with a $10 Walmart gift card! Gotta love that!

The second one is The Bizzi Mommi blog. She has a giveaway for Glade Lasting Impressions Scented Oil Plug In Starter Kit! This is her first giveaway, and its a great one! She has two that she is giving away, so check it out! Plus this is a good way to check out some other mommy blogs!
Good luck to everyone!

Kashi Heart 2 Heart

I received a box of Kashi Heart 2 Heart Cinnamon Cereal in the mail today. Thank you Vocalpoint! It is a healthy cereal that tastes good! It has a hint on cinnamon, and is something the kids will like too.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

LuShae $5,000 Blogger Sweepstakes

There is a great sweepstakes out there for bloggers! Check out this website, the steps are simple, and hey, who couldn't use a little extra cash?

Rethink what a revolution feels like!

I think this is a great topic! What does a revolution "feel" like? How do we know if we are part of a revolution? Does it have to be big, like the revolutionary war, can it happen slowly, like the "internet revolution"? Am I someone that is willing to start a revolution, be part of one, or stand for one? Or would I rather just "go with the flow"? I am such a go with the flow type person. I don't like making waves, and I try to calm them when they are made! I would love to be much more of a "revolution making" type person though!
I do consider myself a leader certain things. I am very much a follower at the same time. This is actually something I am working on a lot as I grow older. (Not that I'm old) but having children and everything, I want to be a strong leader to my children.
I dont like change, to anything, my haircolor, career, carpet, I could go on. I have made a lot of changes in the last few years though. Moved, became a stay at home mom, the list goes on. What is your next big change going to be? What empowers you to make change? Your religion, your shoes, your hair, your relationships? What has revolutionized your life? That question seems to deep for this hour, but my first reaction is Jesus. His love for me has revolutionized my life.

To answer some of these questions for yourself, and see what other women have said, go to