Monday, April 18, 2011

Don't Soften the Blow

Well, its been a couple of days since I have posted my journal entry. I have been so busy this past weekend, and it looks like things aren't going to let up for about a week. Here is today's though, even though today is almost over!

If you want information about SOAP journaling, click here.

Jeremiah 7:16
“So do not pray for this people nor offer any plea or petition for them; do not plead with me, for I will not listen to you." declares the Lord.

Jeremiah had such a difficult message to give to the people.  It wasn't of hope, but of destruction, loneliness, and peril.

Jeremiah didn't back down when he had to tell the people God's message.  He didn't try to change it to soften the blow, he just delivered it "as is."  I need to do the same in sharing the word with both believers and non-believers.

God, please help me to share your word without feeling I have to "soften" your word to keep from hurting anyone's feelings.

Keurig: Early Christmas!

I got a brand new Keurig coffee pot yesterday. (Thank you craigslist!) I got a deal, and I love it! Its not something I ever wanted, because I knew I couldn't afford it, and regular coffee is cheaper, but now that I only drink one cup a day, its nice that I can just make that one cup. I'm not getting paid to post about Keurig or anything, I'm just excited and wanted to share!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jeremiah 4: Necessary Nurturing

If you would like information about SOAP journaling, please see here.

(I couldn't pick just one today, so there's three!

Jeremiah 4:1-2
“If you, Israel, will return,
   then return to me,”
            declares the LORD.
“If you put your detestable idols out of my sight
   and no longer go astray,
2 and if in a truthful, just and righteous way
   you swear, ‘As surely as the LORD lives,’
then the nations will invoke blessings by him
   and in him they will boast.”

Jeremiah 4:18
Your own conduct and actions
   have brought this on you.
This is your punishment.
   How bitter it is!
   How it pierces to the heart!”

Jeremiah 4:28
Therefore the earth will mourn
   and the heavens above grow dark,
because I have spoken and will not relent,
   I have decided and will not turn back.”
God wanted the people of Israel to be righteous - He didnt want to punish His people, but He is a God of His word, and could not turn back even though it hurt him to punish his people.

I don't like to punish my children.  I often leave a lot of it to my hubby.  In order for my children to learn to be Godly, I need to punish them when they disobey.  The temporary pain is much less than the consequences of inaction.

Lord, please help me to raise my children the way you want me to; to bring up children that love You and your word and that respect their elders, as well as their peers.
In Jesus name, Amen.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Confession: The Road to Grace Jeremiah 3

If you are unfamiliar with the new journaling method I found, please look here.

Jeremiah 3:13
Only acknowledge your guilt—
   you have rebelled against the LORD your God,
you have scattered your favors to foreign gods
   under every spreading tree,
   and have not obeyed me,’”
            declares the LORD.

God wanted to give the people grace (v. 12) , but he wanted the people of Israel to first acknowledge (see) and confess their sin.

God doesn't change, He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)
He wants me to acknowledge and confess my sin so that He can give me grace and I can be nearer to Him.

Look at my daily life.  What sin is present that is unconfessed? Confess sin when it occurs - either by calling someone or writing it down to confess to hubby later. Pray through it daily, asking God for forgiveness and wisdom to overcome my sin.

Lord, please help me to be real with my life - my sin and how I hurt You.  I want to be close to you and to others, and confessing my sins daily is the way to do that.  In Jesus name, Amen.

Please feel free to share your readings, thoughts, prayers with me, either through the comments or by emailing me .  I would love to hear what you are learning through God's word!

SOAP: A journaling guide

SOAP is a journaling guide I discovered on another website, Moms Toolbox. I have been looking for ways to get deeper in my bible study, and this seems to be a great way. If you want to learn the SOAP method, I strongly suggest the Mom's Toolbox blog, as it explains it then puts it into practice.  

The basics of SOAP are as follows:
S - Scripture
Write the one scripture you feel God is using to speak to you in today's reading.

O - Observation
What might He be telling you with that scripture?

A -Application
How can you apply it to your life?

P - Prayer
What is your prayer to ask God in helping you to make that application?
Then look back over your notes and pick a title. Write the title on the top of your page.  You can then write that title in the front of your journal, along with the date, and you will have a reference when you want to look up something you have studied, or look at ways God has worked in your life.

My next post will be my first attempt at this. I have been reading Jeremiah, so it will come from there.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Love Drop: Kahlen Family

Hey guys!  The Love Drop team is at it again!  Last month they gave over $5,000 worth of cash and goods to their recipient, Katie, who had been battling a couple of brain tumors over the years, and it culminated with a surprise gift of 15+ friends showing up at her house to celebrate with her. It was awesome. You can watch how it all went down here.
This month they start all over again and grow support for the Kahlen's - a family who has been hit hard by the economy, and by their daughter's serious medical condition, tuberous sclerosis. In addition to financial assistance, they're planning to unite the artistic community to help support Kent's glassmaking work.
Want to help?  Here are two ways you can participate:
  1. Give $1.00 - This is the best way to help out and join their team at the same time.
  2. Donate a piece of art - They will be hosting an auction this month, and would love to feature your artwork in it. Proceeds go to help the Kahlen's this month, and is a great way to promote your work :)
We'll let you know how it goes!  Thanks everyone.