Monday, April 11, 2011

SOAP: A journaling guide

SOAP is a journaling guide I discovered on another website, Moms Toolbox. I have been looking for ways to get deeper in my bible study, and this seems to be a great way. If you want to learn the SOAP method, I strongly suggest the Mom's Toolbox blog, as it explains it then puts it into practice.  

The basics of SOAP are as follows:
S - Scripture
Write the one scripture you feel God is using to speak to you in today's reading.

O - Observation
What might He be telling you with that scripture?

A -Application
How can you apply it to your life?

P - Prayer
What is your prayer to ask God in helping you to make that application?
Then look back over your notes and pick a title. Write the title on the top of your page.  You can then write that title in the front of your journal, along with the date, and you will have a reference when you want to look up something you have studied, or look at ways God has worked in your life.

My next post will be my first attempt at this. I have been reading Jeremiah, so it will come from there.

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  1. Good idea for journaling! I tend to just begin a letter to God when I want to journal, but this seems a more systematic approach.