Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Challenge Dairy, the largest selling butter brand has a sweepstakes I think you should know about! Its called the Taste of the West Sweepstakes. You can now enter to win A "Taste of the West". Its a 7 day, 6 night trip for 4 to the Mountain Sky Guest Ranch in Montana's Paradise Valley, near Yellowstone National Park. This package is worth $17,000!!! There is also an $800 kitchen package from Spice Islands and OXO! I love their products!   http://www.challengedairy.com/sweepstakes/index.html

My Free Day

Yesterday, I had what I think I will call "A Free Day". My husband had the day off, and we had some errands to run, so off we went!
Our first stop was to Jamba Juice; where my husband had found a gift card for, and I had a feel good buck Feel Good Buck so I got a Jamba Juice for my husband and I to share, and one for my kids, for less than 1 cost!

Then we went and turned in recycling, because hubby found a bunch of recycling at an apt he turned, and we had some of our own. We got almost $10 there!

Then it was about lunchtime, so we went to Del Taco, where I had a coupon for a free milkshake, due to my birthday and a free 1/2 lb bean and cheese burrito for doing a survey on a receipt. Those do pay off!

Then....we went to Coldstone and got a free Love it Creation...Ice cream and 1 mix in....mmmmm...yummy.

Then....I went to Walmart and got groceries.I returned something so I had a 30.00 credit, plus I used a bunch of coupons. (Thank you Couponizer!) So I got over $90.00 of groceries for 45.00!  YAY!

To me, a very successful day!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Christian-Homemaking.com is launching the new, improved site, and is having a giveaway! This site is full of tips and input for Christian women and moms, and is a great way to interact with other women who share your faith and values. They are having different giveaways every day, and a grand prize giveaway. They also publish an e-zine that can be a great input as we try to balance home, children, faith, and anything else that might come our way!

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Couponizer

So for those of you who wonder: "How can I use coupons effectively?" "Isn't is too much work" "There are too many to keep track" I have your solution. The Couponizer.
I am not being paid or compensated in any way for this review, I just have to share my joy with you. I have wanted this product for quite a while, and finally got it. Prior to purchasing this, I carried around a binder in a cloth bag with all my coupons in it. If I found a great deal, I often couldn't find the coupon that would make it a fabulous deal. And because I can't drive, I would just lose out. The Couponizer comes in a clear bag, with scissors and everything you need to organize your coupons. It is worth the investment, (which isn't much) to be able to use all my coupons when I choose.

Product Benefits:

  • Enables spending less money at grocery store and other places
  • Reduce paper clutter associated with coupons
  • Save time clipping and sorting coupons by category
  • A fun activity for the whole family
  • Teaches kids the value of money
  • Provides a way to track spending to help stay on budget
  • Compact enough to store in car and carry in purse or diaper bag
  • Never miss another opportunity to save money and enjoy the brands you love!

Product Component Details:

Customer Loyalty Sleeves

Place your customer loyalty cards, punch cards and gift cards here. Located inside The Couponizer booklet, these card sleeves enable easy access to your rewards for being a loyal customer!

Shopping List

Stick to your plan and stay efficient while shopping! Our shopping list helps to keep you on track while shopping and has an item-by-item listing with check marks so you remember your coupon for each item.


Track your savings with this handy list pad. Adding up your savings over time will motivate you to keep saving!


A pair of scissors to carry with you for clipping coupons anytime, anywhere!


Clip & Organize in one step! This "Patent Pending" feature of the system makes organizing coupons fast and easy. Just clip a coupon and lay it down on the category it belongs. Then after clipping, the coupons are easily transferred to the pockets in the Couponizer booklet. The categories on the CoupStacker correspond in exact order and color with the Couponizer category pockets.

Carrying Bag

Put the coupons in The Couponizer booklet over the weekend and store it in this carrying bag in your car. You'll never be without your coupons again!

Leslie Blodgett Bare Skin Eau De Parfum

Leslie Blodgett Perfume Diaries is a limited edition fragrance collection, created exclusively for Sephora, that revisit and evoke pivotal moments in Leslie’s life.
The scent delivers top notes of black pepper, freesia and anise, heart notes of iris, vanilla orchid, plumeria and patchouli, and the dry down sizzles with sandalwood, labdanum and musk.
It is a light, sweet scent that is not overpowering, but simply stated and subtle. It is a scent that speaks of quiet tranquility. It is something I would wear on a daily basis, or for a special occasion.
I can imagine it paired with a simple black dress on an evening out, or my favorite jeans, out shopping with the girls.
This fragrance is flirty and tempting, and I am pleased that I am able to experience it and share my opinion with you.
Bare Skin will go to market with an Eau de Parfum ($55), a Solid Perfume Compact ($35), and a Perfumed Body Cream ($30). The line will be available for purchase exclusively on Sephora.com on 10/08, and hitting store shelves shortly after.
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