Thursday, August 30, 2012

CoverGirl&Olay Foundation and Powder Review

I recently started using CoverGirl and Oil of Olay's foundation and powder. I really like the way it sits on my face. The first day I used it, I used too much, and was disappointed. I could tell I had makeup on, and I don't like that look. The second day I used it I used less and was very happy with the results. I like the powder, it really gives me a finished look. I am not really brand specific, I have used many different foundations, but this is one I really like. It makes my face feel good, not dirty or weighed down at the end of the day.

 **I received foundation and powder as part of a BZZ campaign to review and share my opinion with other. I was not paid for this blog except for receiving free product to review.**


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Power Based Life Review

The power based life is a book that is a christian self help book, using football and scriptures throughout. While it has good information and uses scripture, I found the book to be a bit dry and had a hard time with it. I appreciate the personal experiences used throughout the book, but I may not be in the right place in my life for this book. Or it could be that the book is written for someone else. I did let a friend borrow it, and he had a similar experience although he did seem to get more out of it than me. A good book, just written for a specific audience. It is very difficult to write a book that pleases everyone, and this cannot be expected from every book we pick up. I realize that there are many out there that this book is suited for, and that are in the right place in their life for this book. I understand that this is also a requirement, as if we aren't in the right place in our life to receive something, the gift will be in vain.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Shoes for Orphan Souls

In a society where we have an abundance it is important to remember those less fortunate. Our church is doing just that by supporting a program called Shoes for Orphaned Souls. You can help us by donating new shoes and or socks. You can donate directly through the website or send them to me and I will forward them on. We will be doing this through September, so there is still time.   While to some shoes are a hobby or a collection, others have never owned a pair in their life.  An illustration of our abundance was found while heading home from my childhood home, out in the middle of nowhere in Northern California. Its called the "shoe tree."
If you would like more information about this program, please feel free to email me or comment below.