Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Power Based Life Review

The power based life is a book that is a christian self help book, using football and scriptures throughout. While it has good information and uses scripture, I found the book to be a bit dry and had a hard time with it. I appreciate the personal experiences used throughout the book, but I may not be in the right place in my life for this book. Or it could be that the book is written for someone else. I did let a friend borrow it, and he had a similar experience although he did seem to get more out of it than me. A good book, just written for a specific audience. It is very difficult to write a book that pleases everyone, and this cannot be expected from every book we pick up. I realize that there are many out there that this book is suited for, and that are in the right place in their life for this book. I understand that this is also a requirement, as if we aren't in the right place in our life to receive something, the gift will be in vain.

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