Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Day of Scrappin

Well, I am well into the throes of the crop on mommysavers. I think that is why I havent posted in a couple of days. And because I dont have any followers yet. I will get some soon Im sure. I am realizing that scrapbooking relaxes me and I really need to do it more simply for my sanity and the sanity of my family and those around me. Wonder if I can use that as a justification to purchase some fun stuff to scrap with? It will be put to good use!

The potty training has been slowed down. I think last week I went way to fast. Need to ease up. He tells me when he needs to go, but two seconds before he goes, and when we do make it to the potty he wont go in it. Hmmm.

More later!

1 comment:

  1. Michelle ~ add a follow button to your blog! I completely understand about the potty training. My little one just decided a couple weeks ago that he was *finally* potty-trained and he's almost 4! Don't stress to much; he'll get there when he's ready.