Thursday, September 13, 2012

Legos and Bread

So...I'm at home, baking bread and vacuuming under my couch cushions (which doesn't happen very often by the way) when I step on a necklace of my daughters made of hard plastic stars.  It goes into my foot..yes, I said into.  OW!  It reminded me of the pain of stepping on a lego, except the toy wento into my foot.  Seeing a necklace dangling out of my foot freaked me out a bit, but I managed to keep my cool.  As I went into the kitchen I could smell the baking bread in my bread machine, its smell filling the whole house with its yummy goodness.  It made me think, I bet hell is filled with baking bread no one can eat, and a carpet of legos.  Just a thought....whadya think?

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