Monday, December 17, 2012

All Pro Dad by Mark Merrill - A review

I received the book "All Pro Dad" from to review on my blog. My husband read it, which in itself is an accomplishment, since he is not an avid reader. He is a member of the All Pro Dad website, however so I thought he would enjoy this book.

While my husband did say he liked the book, he wasn't super excited about it, talking about it like he normally would a book that he was inspired by.

When I asked his opinion on the book, he said it had too many quotes, that it felt like he was reading a quote book rather than an original manuscript. He is very involved in bettering his fathering skills, so this book appealed to that aspect of his character. The simple fact that he finished the book causes me to be compelled to give this book a positive review. I think the fact that it is written with a sports perspective in mind was a definite advantage.

Below is a description of the book:
"An NFL player becomes an All-Pro by relentlessly focusing on the fundamentals and executing them with sheer determination. The same is true to become an All Pro Dad. This book not only highlights the fundamentals of fatherhood, but also gives dads a winning game plan to do their most important job well.” –Tony Dungy, Super Bowl winning coach and NBC Sports commentator

While I think this book could have done more to hold the reader captive, it is a book that is worth reading, with valuable biblical truths and sage advice.

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