Monday, July 18, 2011

One Day Way Review

I got this book to review from blogging for books. Its a great website. Anyway, I loved this book! It is written in a way that I felt as if the author was sitting at my kitchen table, having a cup of coffee with me and discussing weight loss challenges! In the book Chantel discusses how to take the weight-loss journey one day at a time. She discusses the ups and downs of weight loss, and about giving your self grace while also having accountability. She includes a contract in the back of the book, committing oneself to taking life one day at a time, building yourself and others up rather than tearing down, and being your best person.
This may sound like a lot of fluff, but it is actually a very helpful book. She does include a small food plan, and while it doesn't seem like the most realistic one for me, it is good to see the perspective that comes from that plan.
I would recommend this book to others, I look forward to sharing it with friends.

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