Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I just saw an advanced screening of the movie Courageous. And, since I drank caffeine too late, and I was soo moved by this movie, I have to tell you about it. If you haven't heard of it, check it out here.
This movie moved me like few movies ever have, if any.  It is a movie about fatherhood, and a father's responsibility to raise their children, and lead their families.

There are not words to describe how amazing this movie is. This movie calls men, and families, to action.  It inspires and challenges our men to take action and ownership.

I was so grateful to be able to see an advanced screening, as it doesn't come out until September 30th, and it is all my husband has been talking about for months!  He was incredibly moved by this movie as well.  This is a movie you definitely need to bring your tissues to, and leave your pride at home.  Great job!  

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  1. Hey Michelle - just found you through a comment you made on Kathi Lipp's blog and I wanted to say hello! I'm from the Campbell CofC, and I was curious when you said where you attended church to find a fellow blogger! I'm off to look up that Piccoult book in the library, and Courageous is definitely on our must see list! Great reviews - keep up the great blog!