Friday, March 8, 2013

Vicks Gentle Touch Behind Ear Thermometer Giveaway

This is the thermometer I wish I had when my children were infants. When a baby or child is sick, the last thing they want is to be prodded and poked. They want to be held, loved, and comforted. Us parents, on the other hand, want to know as much as possible about what is making our little bundle of joy so miserable. We want information. This thermometer gives us that information with just a touch behind the ear. It doesn't need to be held there for more than a second, and has a feature called Fever Insight® which uses colors to tell the user if the fever is "OK", "Mild" or "High".  

I will giveaway this thermometer to the first person that tells me how the temperature is taken from behind the ear.  Good luck!


  1. you place it behind the child's ear and the Fever InSight will display a color to tell you if the fever is high, low or ok
    hoffat at gmail dot com

  2. I guess I wasnt very clear, but I will take that answer. Thanks!