Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Voice Bible Translation

The Voice bible translation is a translation that puts the bible into everyday language. It reads more like a script than a book, and is available in e-book form, as well as in print. I didn't find it exceptionally user friendly, but that could just be that I am so used to the version I use, and am particular to it. In my opinion, anything that brings the bible to life, makes it easier to absorb and understand, and gives it accessibility is a plus in my book. (No pun intended!) 

This version of the bible has some similarities to "The Message" although the Voice uses several writers including an award winning fiction writer, a pastor, and a poet, while the Message is written by one individual. Both versions take certain liberties, the message in the way it sets up scenes, making them more contemporary, and the Voice in the names it gives to individuals in the bible.

If you are looking for something to refresh your bible reading, this could be the answer for you. If you are looking for a more traditional bible read, this bible would not be a recommendation I would give you.

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