Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Latest

What a month it has been so far.  My son had his first trip to the ER, (he's fine) which I consider a significant event, as my little boy will probably have many more of those!  He had impetigo, but it's mostly gone now. 

I started an in home day care, which has been more challenging than I could have imagined, but has helped me to be grateful for what I have, while relying on God for strength. 

My daughter is potty training, and can I just say stubborn???

I had another anniversary, 7 years! Yay us!  We haven't been able to celebrate yet, because we have been so busy, but I love my husband and am so grateful for the incredible man that he is.

I also had a birthday yesterday.  I told my friends I was boycotting my birthday, because I didn't want a big deal made out of it.  My husband bought me a cake on Sunday. Cold Stone!  Yummy.  But my birthday was a stressful day. I did have an incredible breakthrough with a friend, that made the day better, and my neighbor helped me make dinner, but I felt like my birthday needed a do-over. 

My husband made me my birthday breakfast today, so I decided to just declare this my birthday week, and try to get everything out of it I can, as far as love.  I don't need presents, just appreciate the love.

I am so blessed to have everything I do.  I love my friends and family, and appreciate the chance to vent...if anyone cares to listen! 

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